Friday, June 5, 2009

The Hangover... The Review

Uh... where do I begin? Perhaps, we should start with the following:
  1. it will NEVER be shown in a college course of classic cinema
  2. it will NEVER be nominated for an Academy Award
  3. it should NEVER be shown to impressionable children
It is raunchy, profane, inappropriate, suffers from all sorts of undress, and it has no redeeming value whatsoever... except, it's funnier than hell. If you enjoyed any parts of Pineapple Express last summer, and are not squeamish--not necessarily in that order of priority--then run (don't walk) to this madness of a movie. Just don't blame me if you're sipping an $8 jumbo soft drink at the wrong time and it exits through your nasal passages. Not-my-fault. Two additional warnings:
  1. it has simply the absolute worst example of a grown-up relationship--with the most odious, contemptible, aberrant girlfriend ever put on to celluloid [and if my son EVER brings the like home to meet his parents, I'm not responsible for whatever would happen next...]
  2. James Verniere of the Boston Herald says it best, "The end titles are jawdroppingly smutty. The Ratings Board must have been drugged."
For your viewing pleasure.


  1. Now there's a review guaranteed to fill the cinema seats with people of the Y chromosome persuasion.

  2. Oh, yes. But, what was noticeable at the screening I attended after work was the age range in the audience. Young males (obviously), couples, single women, and older generations. I sat next to an elderly married couple, with the woman remarking on my reading a paperback. "I think it's great to see someone reading a book these days. They're all reading those Kindles." I sat up straighter after that.