Saturday, June 6, 2009

RIP: David Carradine

Ever since the press had reported his death, and the controversy surrounding it, I've been thinking of what I'd post for this remarkable actor. I've grown up with his varied movie and TV roles through the decades. In fact, he played one of my all-time favorite character roles, that of Cole Younger, in the underrated western of Walter Hill, The Long Riders. I'm not alone in this opinion (click here). But, to accomplish my goal, I need only to point you over to Dennis Cozzalio's post of June 5, 2009. Dennis simply and remarkably says it all regarding this actor and his contributions. If you ever enjoyed David Carradine the actor (or the personality), I highly recommend that you take the time to read his wonderful post. May David rest in peace.


  1. of course as a kid I ate Kung Fu up with a big spoon. He was cool. Unfortunately, you don't really want to know too much about your artistic heroes personal lives. But his acting was fine and a personal fav was his portrayal of Woody Guthrie.

  2. Herb n Laura: Bound for Glory was an tremendous film with a great performance by Carradine. Some fantastic music, and Melinda Dillon, also added up to make it memorable. I haven't seen that in while (time to add it to my Netflix queue). Thanks for your comment.