Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Woman Has Style

Before I dive into Dave Zeltserman (thank you again, Corey), I thought I'd mention what I'll be reading next (after I finish the vintage paperback adaptation of Walter Hill's screenplay of the very underrated Hickey & Boggs film, that is). In my search for something to scratch my pulp noir itch (sorry, but hydrocortisone doesn't help), I found more than a few lists with Money Shot on them. Then I read about the author, Christa Faust, and that sealed it.

From the backcover of Money Shot:

"... is the author of numerous crime and horror novels including Hoodtown, Triads, and Control Freak. She has also worked as a filmmaker, a model, and a Time Square peep show girl. Film director Quentin Tarantino once said, "Christa Faust is a Veronica in a world of Betties."

And from her Twitter bio:

"Writer. Fetishist. Pulp Enthusiast."

And anyone who can mention Mickey Spillane and Donald Westlake in the same answer to a question at a book launch party, she is someone I gotta read:


  1. She's like a contemporary Barbara Stanwyck with tats, a character in a hard-boiled novel. It's awesome that she's writing them. That cover? Yowza! Looks like your itch is gonna get scratched hard!

  2. She certainly has that look, yes? I'm sure she's very quiet and demure in real life ;-). And that cover is straight out of the old dime store pulp novels of yesteryear. Thanks for you comment, PCN.

  3. Hard Case Crime does great covers, and Money Shot has one of the all-time best. Can you imagine, if they'd put that book at the front of a B&N, how many copies it would sell?

  4. Corey: it certainly is an eye-catching cover. B & N would sell a ton of them, if they had the guts to put it on a front display. I like Christa's reference to being a female author of pulp fiction, though.

    Regarding the most numerous question directed at her, "Is this you? Did you pose for this painting?" She's not shy. Nor would I expect her to be given the genre she's writing within.

    Thanks, Corey.