Monday, June 15, 2009

Captain America Returns

I can't say I was surprised when this hit the ether:
I guess the only thing that was remarkable (for those of us closeted comic book fans of old) was that Marvel Comics took this long to bring him back. After Superman's death, DC Comics waited only a year to bring arguably its greatest hero back to life--heck, they even brought back the supervillain that killed him Clark Kent's alter ego now many times over.

Marvel marked over two years since this super-hero's assassination before announcing the hero's return for next month. My estimation is they needed a certain level of clamor before bringing the guy back. And, given the general success of comic heroes in film right now (plus the continued buzz of an Captain America movie, and a later Avengers movie down the line), having a currently dead icon in comic book print just wouldn't do.

I'm happy to see him back, but CA was never at the top of my list of comics I had to gobble up in my youth. I liked him, but not in the same vein of Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine, Green Lantern and Iron Man when I was young (guess I like them more flawed). I mentioned his return to my son after I heard this today. "Captain America is dead?!?", was his response. Either my 13 year-old needs to get out more, or Marvel could have waited longer.

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  1. yeah Captain America, but did I miss our Laker celebration???

  2. I'm just glad Matthew McConaughey isn't playing him in the movie. That would've been gross.

    Who do you think should be cast?

  3. Gay: nope, you haven't missed it. It's tomorrow, starting at the Staples Center 11 AM and culminating at the L.A. Coliseum. If you can't make it (and it'll be a madhouse), it'll be streamed:

    PCN: good question. CA, compared to us mortals, would be a big man. A young Dolph Lungren would have be the ideal body type... but I think you'd want someone who could act, too, in that character role ;-)

    Thanks for your comments, guys.

  4. Well "they" let Matthew McConaughey play DIRK PITT so who knows!

    I'll stream the Lakers, much safer, less BO.

  5. I'm with 'ya, Gay. I'll stream it from work, but I'll be wearing my 2009 NBA Champions Lakers (15 Time) hat when I do it ;-)

  6. LOL on the Dolph Lundgren comment.

    I never was that keen on Capt America either. Now, the Green Lantern, they never did enough GL to suit me.

  7. Agreed, there hasn't been enough Green Lantern. Though last year, DC Comics did release to DVD the animated Justice League - The New Frontier, and Hal Jordan was the key figure in that story. And, DC is prepping their next one of these to be a solely GL tale. I'm... er, the kids are so looking forward to that.

    Thanks for your comment, Naomi.