Monday, June 22, 2009

RIP: Kodachrome

The reason today for posting some of the pictures we've taken while here in New York City (see below) was the announcement by Kodak that it was ceasing production of one of its most iconic products: A Tribute to KODACHROME: a Photography Icon. At one time in my life, way back when, I carried my 35mm SLR with me everywhere (on a strictly unpaid basis, mind you) in the hope I could at least get one interesting shot. In that brief span with my Canon AE-1 and A-1, I shuttered plenty of frames that never needed to see the light of day (or a light table, or any person's sight for that matter). But every so often, there would be a gem (even if it was just me that liked it) among all that crap. And if it was in color, it was Kodachrome. I learned long ago, nothing touched its warm color saturation (I found Fujichrome too cool for my tastes, poor as that was). I'd be the first to admit that its color was way better than this photographer's

Black Canon AE-1 (1976) SLR camera from the frontImage via Wikipedia

composition, most every time. But, at least, it gave this poor amateur a sight to behold. And though my SLR's are somewhere back in a closet gathering dust, some of those good shots are on a wall in a couple of places at work, and in a few family/friend's homes. And when I walk by any of them, I recall with a mournful joy the days I shot some film (and not the digital cameras of today which I have little love for).

And yes, I'm going to do what everyone else is doing on this day. I'm going to quote Paul Simon:

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  1. Polaroid, now Kodachrome.

    Love that photo from National Geographic, the colors are amazing. And her eyes!

  2. When I heard about the end of Kodachrome, I immediately thought (along with a great many of others) about this iconic photo. I had to include it here. It's just so mesmerizing to look upon. Thanks, Corey.

  3. When I read the tidbit of your blog on my blog, I thought "First Brownies" now kodachrome. Made me laugh when I saw Corey's statement. Once again I reveal my age!!!

    Life is whizzing by. Whoooshhh!

  4. My wife had one of those when she was a kid. She remembers it fondly. I think her transition was Brownie --> Polaroid --> Nikon SLR, or something like that. I don't think I owned a camera till I got my Canon. Very whoooshhh for all of us, Gay. Thanks for your comment.