Thursday, June 4, 2009

Donut Day 2009

I am so there tomorrow, June 5th, for this. Although, that original glazed will probably require a Zantac 150 mg chaser (to get through the rest of day). But h-e-double hockey sticks, it'll be worth it for the free treat. Krispy Kreme may not be my (as he doffs his cap and places it over his heart) cherished Helm's Bakery of my youth. But it'll do, for now.


  1. I once accompanied a friend to a Krispy Kreme. She was buying a dozen, I was just tagging along. An employee offered me a free original glazed (it was a slow day and she had a fresh batch) but I said no.

    Next thing I knew, the manager came out and asked, "What is this about you denying one of our donuts? NO ONE turns down one of our donuts." I said, "I don't like your glaze." The manager grasped his heart like I'd just blasphemed.

    He tried again to give me a donut and I still said no. He said I could have a free donut in ANY flavor. I said, "No thanks. You put that glaze on EVERYTHING." He followed me around the store, offering me all sorts of freebies and I denied him for the third time before my friend finished up and we hurried out of the store.

    I love donuts but grew up down the street from a Dunkin' Donuts so that's my preference. I loved those munchkins and the crumb donut or just plain cake (no glaze!). Sadly, there aren't any DDs on the West Coast.

  2. I understand preference when it comes down to things like donuts. You must have firm constitution, PCN. I can't resist much when it comes down to sweets (or free)--though my stomach will make me pay for it ;-).

    You know, I thought the southland had, at one time, Dunkin' Donuts locations? But, now that you mention it, I haven't seen any around lately. Thanks, PCN.

  3. I don't know if I have a strong constitution, and I do love free stuff. I think I'm just like Sally in When Harry Met Sally---I want things exactly how I want them or nothing.

    Sorry for going on so long in my previous post. It took up so much space!

  4. Never a problem, PCN. I appreciate your comments (whatever length) :-).

  5. Oooh, Krispy Kreme... I love it when the donuts are coming down the line... always reminds me of that old story about Homer Price and the donut machine.

  6. Corey: there is nothing sweeter than having the words free and donuts used in the same sentence. And that reference to Homer Price is pitch perfect, here. Thanks.

  7. There's no Krispy Kreme in NOLA proper, at least not the fresh ones off the conveyor belt. They're all boxed. :-(

    There's one in Metarie, however, NOLA's bedroom community, but I'm gonna pretend it doesn't exist.

    I had my first Krispy Kreme donut when I went away to boarding school in the 70s in Virginia.

    Evil donuts. Just Horrible. Ruined my waistline. Krispy Kreme has added many a pound to my frame. I'm with Chris Rock. "Y'all know they put crack in those donuts!"

    The problem is that they're sooo good. When I lived in Jersey you had to get them boxed or ride into NY's Penn Station if you wanted one hot of the conveyor belt. I was tempted to do that, but fortunately had willpower. However, if I had to go through Penn for another reason ... :-)

    Unlike popculturenerd, I was not happy that Dunkin was King in Jersey. Give me drippy, gooey, Krispy Kreme any day.

  8. LOL, VP. Chris Rock's and your observations are too funny!

    And I remember Metarie well. Couldn't get out in time (which my wife still blames me for) and spent almost a week there while Hurricane Ivan made it's feint toward NOLA. Since then, I'd rather face an earthquake than a hurricane, anytime.

    Thanks for your very rich and gooey comment, VP :-).