Friday, December 3, 2010

But I'd Heard There's No Crying in Baseball

A few years back had as its lead piece, Top 10 list of films that make grown men cry (the original web page has since disappeared). I don’t believe it ever became aofficial‘ meme, but I’ve seen similar reported on various newscasts over the years, as well as other online pieces on the subject. Including some blog posts, just like this one, where someone adds their 2¢. Let’s not forget this UK site is an online retailer in the business of selling movie DVDs and Blu-rays. Takes no great leap that the site looked to spur film sales than make a point.

The rest of the post has been updated and moved over to my current blog, found here.


  1. A brilliant list. I confess, I got misty just reading it. (Although I also must confess that not only did I not get misty during Gladiator, I didn't enjoy the movie at all. Put it down to being congenitally unable to enjoy any film set in the Roman Empire. Except for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.)

  2. OK now! Are we talking about crying, or lumpy throats or just mist? How about the sniffles?
    Old Yeller doesn't count, I was too young and may be the worst movie I ever saw. Who wants to cry all the way home, that was hell. Guess we can't count every Hallmark xmas story, hey its just tv. Don't count Lonesome I'd had too much wine, anyway not really a "movie". I think we all need therapy, its just a movie, keep repeating that. It helps.
    I hate the sniffles, everyone turns and looks, a dead give away. Can't make a list, might start to cry. Whose mamby pampy, want a tissue you silly jack wagon. Just kidding ya'll

  3. The Sci-Fi FanaticDecember 3, 2010 at 6:54 AM

    Great post L13!  I understand.  othing wrong with connecting to the old inner female.  : )

    There are tons of movies that choked me up good.   I'll try and remember a few, but you're catching me offguard and I haven't thought too much about it.

    Bambi, Men Don't Leave [I could really relate to the kids in this one and the mother; Chris O'Donnell and Jessica Lange and the young boy were affecting], Dad [w Jack Lemmon], Life Is A House [w/ Kevin Kline], Fried Green Tomatoes, Driving Miss Daisy, The Pursuit of Happiness, etc..  Anyway, these are pretty straight forward emotional films, but I do enjoy getting worked up into a controlled lather from time to time. : )

    I'm generally moved by the films that intentionally tug at the ol' heartstrings- the real character heavy dramas.  I may have been moved by It's A Wonderful Life and Old Yeller, but not much else.

    Great stuff my friend.

  4. The Sci-Fi FanaticDecember 3, 2010 at 7:59 AM

    I'll even go with For The Love Of Benji.  That was a good one as a kid.  : )

  5. Agreed with you re: FIELD OF DREAMS. That film gets me every damn time at the end. I think that one is a pretty universal pick amongst all guys.

    Also, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM - the end with Elle Burstyn's fate. So sad and tragic, like you're seeing your own grandmother being beaten down my drug addiction. That's a tough film to get through for all kinds of reasons but that scene gets me every time.

  6. FIELD OF DREAMS is definitley on my list. GLADIATOR and OLD YELLER too.  I would also add BLACK HAWK DOWN.  There is a scene at the end, where Eversman is trying to make sense of it all, and, as the cameras zooms out, you realize that he is talking to his friend, who had died the day before in the battle. That one can drag a tear or two out of me.  And during the closing scene, as the ramp is being closed on the plane that is carrying the bodies of the fallen, there is a voiceover from one of the fallen Delta troops that concludes:

    "...<span>tonight tuck my children in bed warmly, tell them I love them, then hug them for me and give them both a kiss goodnight for daddy."</span>

    That one can pretty much put me over the top every time.

  7. I admit I got a little misty putting the list together, too. Interesting point about your Roman issue. It makes me curious. How about Spartacus (1960) with it's, famous "I am Spartacus" scene? And, what makes A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum the exception exception to this? Thank you, Naomi.

  8. I think it's all about who's there with you in regards to crying, lumpy throats, or misty with the films like these. Male ego prevents me from sniffling, Herb  ;) . Love this comment! Thanks, my friend.

  9. Great point about Bambi and Men Don't Leave, SFF! And emotional dramas can be well worth the time. Thanks, my friend.

  10. That one brings up some old memories. Thanks.

  11. I'm about to introduce Field of Dreams to my kids, too. You are so right about how devastating Requiem for a Dream is, J.D. That one is another film I have in my library that remains unopened. One of these days, I have to revisit them both. Thanks, J.D.

  12. Oh, man! Black Hawk Down is another of my favorites, grueling as it is. Mark Bowden's book was one of the most affecting reads of '99, and Ridley did it justice a couple years later. Those scenes you mention are so emotionally powerful for me, as well. Thanks very much, John.

  13. Yeah, I know you don't cry at the movies. Your eyes just get watery due to allergies or maybe the person sitting next to you has really strong B.O. That's what happened to me last week and MY eyes were tearing up from the stench.

  14. Great post! And what an interesting top ten list by I haven't seen MARLEY AND ME or UP but of the others the only one that made me cry was FORREST GUMP. Then again, I'm a lady and they were listing for the gents.... so I'm gonna pass along my DH's "cry-worthy" moments. He's the list teary guy I know (seriously, it's like he's a robot - I just don't get it) but I recall that when we watched JERRY MAGUIRE (which did not annoy me but MILLION DOLLAR BABY makes me see red so I guess there's no accounting for taste :) ) he got all glassy-eyed and indignant when Tidwell went down on the field. I can't remember exactly what he threatened me with but let's just say he was not going to be pleased with the movie if anything AT ALL happened to Tidwell. SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION is his favorite movie but doesn't make him cry. STRANGER THAN FICTION will get the glass eyes, though. So that's a whopping two movies for his list. See what I mean? Robot!

    Re THE NOTEBOOK... I am an N. Sparks hater and that includes all the movies adapted from his books. Ok, I haven't seen them all but the ones my friends have roped me into watching have annoyed the shit out of me. THE NOTEBOOK esp irks me something fierce. You can imagine my suprise when a recent male visitor (with a definite machismo streak) described THE NOTEBOOK as "beautiful." I think my jaw actually hit the table. I didn't realize it was a film that appealed to the gents...

    Again, great post! I enjoyed your comments on their list, your compilation, and the fun comments below. It's always interesting to learn what goes right to someone's heart. Me, I am completely owned by war movies. I can't remember the last one I was able to get through tear-free.

  15. Ha! Good one! Thanks, Elyse  8-) .

  16. For some reason, I still have not seen Stranger Than Fiction. And, I must rectify that one now (and possibly given Jerry Maguire a second change... given what you mention about your DH). Also, given what you said about war movies, you might want to check out HBO's recently released 10-part series, THE PACIFIC. Thanks so much, Rachel.

  17. Definitely put STRANGER THAN FICTION on the top of the stack! It's one of my top ten favorite movies. There are some definite flaws but the script is one of the best I've seen in the last decade or so. Acting is very solid and it's a true "dramedy" without using cheap jokes or cheap sentimentality. I can't say enough about how much I like that movie. I'd love for it to get a review from you as it would be fun to see your thoughts.

    10-part series? Oh my! I would be a mess. When I say I can't get through war movies tear-free what I really mean is that most of them reduce me to a wobbling heap of snot and tears with at least an hour recovery time. I just can't seem to watch them without taking them VERY seriously.

  18. I now have Stranger Than Fiction on the top of my Netflix queue. THE PACIFIC miniseries is the WWII Pacific Theatre/Marine counterpart to Band of Brothers (European Theatre/Army Airborne Infantry) series (both done by HBO). Each of the series are excellent, different in their presentations, but very gripping. Thanks, Rachel.

  19. Hey, cousin! Long time no see (my bad, I know!).

    I loved this post, though it reminded me why I am such a wuss in front of the screen. There are a lot of movies which make me cry (and I brag it proudly!). Most of your choices strike me true, but I'd have to add a few in no particular order (I know, I'm such a cryer!).

    1. <span>Big Fish</span> - I've said it and die saying it. This movie is very close to my heart. I gasp when, after his father's death, Will takes the phone and just the word "Mom" says everything. And the closing scene is heart-wrenching.
    2. <span>The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe</span> - I think it's because my little brother left town and I don't see him quite often, but the way Peter hugs his brother when he thought he was a goner... Oh, man!
    3. <span>The Lion King</span> - Mufasa. Dead. 'Nuff said.
    4. <span>The Pursuit of Happiness</span>
    5. <span>La vita e bella</span>. Went to see it with my folks. When my dad teard up so did I. I tear up ever since.
    6. <span>Sophie's Choice</span>. I'll say, Mom made me watch it. But I couldn't believe how much I cried!
    7. <span>Old Yeller</span>. I blame "Friends" (yes, I'm that shallow, LOL)
    8. <span>Dumbo</span>. Mamma behind bars... come on!
    9. <span>The Bucket List</span>. I saw it around my grandpa's death...

  20. Great to see you back online cousin! Those are some fine selections. Sophie's Choice, Big Fish, and Pursuit of Happyness (which I saw earlier this year) make for some really emotional film moments. And as soon as you said Dumbo, I knew which scene you were going to highlight. It's been awhile since I've seen Life is Beautiful, and I still haven't taken in The Bucket List. But, I need to fix that. Thanks so much for contributing to this, Poncho.