Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creative Writing

Last Friday, I was doubly honored by a fine pair bloggers for the exact same award: Lesa Holstine and Kaye Barley. I can assure you that things don't get much better than that, and I'm pretty humbled by it all. [wife: "You're kidding, right?"] Plus, the fact that I'm among the select few getting an inaugural Creative Writer Blogger Award, at that, makes it special threefold in my eyes. My thanks to the both of you, ladies. Here are the rules for this prize:

  1. Thank the person who gave this to you. [√]
  2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. [√]
  3. Link to the person who nominated you. [√]
  4. Tell us up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth. [:O]
  5. Allow your readers to guess which one or more are true.
  6. Nominate seven "Creative Writers" who might have fun coming up with outrageous lies.
  7. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
  8. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

First, here's my list of worthy bloggers (and some of them appreciate the greatness of L.A. Requiem, too) that I wish to pass this fine award on to:

Now, let's mention a few things about myself:
  1. I once competed in the L.A. City high school gymnastic championship
  2. I almost ran over actor Kurt Russell's toes with a wheelchair
  3. I'm related to a former L.A. City councilman
  4. I married one of a set of triplets
  5. I read a script that was eventually produced as a independent film
  6. I once chauffeured singer Tina Turner to an awards show
  7. I once met author Tom Clancy when he autographed my copy of The Hunt for Red October

Time to find the
er... the truth, my friends.

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  1. It might be a lie, but it sounds like a great true story so I'm going to vote for the Kurt Russell/wheelchair story.

  2. Terrific lies, er, creative writing, Michael. I'm going with the one that you read a script that became an independent film. But, they could all be interesting stories!

    Lesa -

  3. Congrats on the well deserved award! Lies or not, your "stories" all sound great! I say true about Kurt Russell...I say lie about, heck, they all sound true.

  4. What an excellent way to start my Monday! Thank you, lp13, my big bro in all things blogging and in LAR worship! And, being the novice blogger that I am, the rules in accepting this award are kind of like a really fun homework assignment! :-) Very cool. Can't wait to get to it tonight!

    As for your list of personal fun facts, I'm going to say that #1 is true. And I have to tell you that when I first read #4, I read it without seeing the "one of" portion of the sentence. About did a spit-take with my coffee. ;-)

  5. First, remind me if I ever get in to a poker card game with Naomi and Moondancer that they were the ones that picked the true statement among the lies. And yes, I almost performed that maneuver on Mr. Russell's toes, in a crowded elevator. Nice guy, though. About three decades ago, he was visiting someone on a care floor in a building where I (at one time) transported patients.

    Thank you all for your comments. And this was fun, Lesa (great award to come to with).

  6. Congrats on this award! (And thank you kindly for passing it on to me.) I was going to say ALL of them were true except for #4 because I can totally see you as a gymnast.

    Christine, I can understand your spit take if you didn't read #4 properly. I thought, "Uh oh, it's a real-life BIG LOVE."

  7. I can see how my #4 phrasing can lead to a BIG LOVE scenario! LOL! I'm wondering if my wife is going to bring this up when she reads this post? Uh, oh...

    I can't wait to see what statements both you and Christine come up with regarding this award. I'm definitely looking forward to that. Thank you both for your comments.

  8. #7 = true. But I would give a lot to see you opening doors for Tina.

  9. Yeah, Corey. It would have been quite a privilege to have opened the door for that woman. Although, I did briefly meet her once, decades ago. Thanks, my friend.

  10. O.k., I know I didn't get here in time before you told the truth, but I was with Naomi while reading...I did think the Kurt Russell item was true...mostly because I know you work in a medical facility. :) Fun stuff!!

  11. Hi Le0pard13 - Thank you for nominating me. I'm sorry to be slow on the uptake with this, but anxious about surge procedure coming up, very sad about something that happened that I haven't blogged about yet (why such a gap in my posts lately)and truth in my life would be better than lies. LOL!

    Anyway ..I will be glad to play. The only thing is I am not sure I will tag anyone because they don't always play in the blogs I frequent and so may leave it as an open tag in my blog for anyone that wants to play. is that okay? Let me know when you can. :)

  12. It's fine with me, SeaSpray. And, I hope your procedure goes/went well. All the best to you. Thanks for letting me know, my friend.