Thursday, October 29, 2009

"I just as soon leave him home by himself."

Bill Cosby - WonderfulnessImage by Furldman via Flickr

With kudos and credit to blogger/artist Fooksie for creating a graphic (left) that was the perfect visual to go along with this Halloween post, I share with you my all-time favorite Bill Cosby routine from childhood (it's the most liked by my kids, too). From his 1966 Wonderfulness album, it includes the immortal lines:
This is before babysitters, when parents did not believe in babysitters, at all. The philosophy was, 'What! Let some stranger look after my kid?!? I just as soon leave him home by himself.'

Chicken Heart

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  1. Chicken Heart was the first Bill Cosby bit I ever heard. Classic! And perfect for Halloween. Get the Jello out!

    And add on Cosby's bit about Old Weird Harold. Even after all these years, I'll say, "Ten o'clock. Time for the monsters to come out." And you know when the monsters come out, you gotta have your music with you. Nuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh.....

  2. 9th St. Bridge!!! Another classic, Corey!

    "There was a little kid riding on top of a tall, skinny kid. And he was beatin' him with a stick saying, 'Faster, faster, you fool, you fool.'"

    The kids and I eat up these Cosby routines. Thanks for bringing up another great one, Corey.

  3. Happy Halloween to you, too. Thanks for stopping by :-).

  4. I remember sitting with family listening to Bill Cosby.
    I'm late for Halloween, so Happy Monday! :-)

  5. Thank you, Nordette. Back at you. I hope your Halloween went well, too.

  6. O.k., I'm late too, but I just have to say that I LOVED CHICKEN HEART! My dad was a HUGE Bill Cosby fan and so he had ALL of his recorded events on vinyl. I would sit and listen to them in our living room and just cry from laughing so hard!

    And my dad would always say to me, "the police brought you." He was especially fond of TO RUSSELL MY BROTHER WHOM I SLEPT WITH because he was at the event in Cleveland where they recorded it.

    Just classic!! Great post Michael...even if I am reading after Halloween :)

  7. You're dad was at the To My Brother Russell... recording! Fantastic! My kids, too, enjoy the heck out of that routine, probably because they get along sooooo well ;-). They may not have experienced the vinyl like we did, but they are always asking me to put a Cosby routine on via my iPod in the car. And you're never too late, Jen. Thanks, loads, for this contribution.