Friday, April 3, 2009

Tales from the (Movie) Theater: Intro

As some of you know, I have a thing for movies --"criminy, you watch enough of them!", says my wife. I reason it was because I was influenced by the act of taking them in at a young age. One of my earliest memories was going to the drive-in with my mom and dad when I was a toddler. Later, my mother's sisters and brother would take me during my childhood (I guess any kid sitting, no matter if it was in a dark theater with strangers all about, was a good thing). Even later, during that more innocent era, we (friends and I, junior high-aged) would strike out on our own to movie halls situated 2-3 miles away to take in a flick. Usually, by walking or by bus. Do you think I'd let my 9- and 13-year old do that now? Hell, no!!!

The rest of the chapter has been updated and relocated to my current blog, found here.

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  1. Hey! I worked in a movie theater too! My very first job...I didn't get to do anything as cool as run the movies, but I sold tickets, cleaned auditoriums, sold snacks...all that stuff. And I watched tons of movies. I worked there all through high school and through my freshman year in college. A FEW GOOD MEN came out sometime during my tenure there. All the staff could recite Nickelson's monologue on the stand. We'd sneak in the back of the theater every time that part came on! LOL

    I also remember going to the drive-in theater with my parents. We would get in our jammies, grab our pillows and blankets...Mom would pack the cooler and off we'd go. We always wanted to make it through the second movie, but we never did! LOL We still have one drive-in that's operational here in the summer. They're dying away sad!

  2. We didn't get art deco here in the hinterlands, but we do have a lovely Spanish baroque-design theatre here in Columbus. It opened in 1928, and it was once part of the Loew's theatre chain.

  3. Jen: Yes, working in a movie theater is a unique experience. A Few Good Men? I'm trying to think of what the equivalent film would have been for my high school/college freshman period. Got it: The Godfather. Man, am I old! And, all of the drive-ins of my youth are long gone. I miss them so.

    Corey: that's one fine movie palace you guys have there! I don't think I've seen any of that beautiful theme/motif in any of film halls in these parts.

  4. I grew up addicted to movies, and once I learned to drive and had my own car, I would take off by myself, take in a show, just to get away from my family.

    In NOLA, the Saenger Theater was not art deco but Baroque, and I loved going to movies there just for the atmosphere.

    Enjoyed your reflections here. And, like you, I too think of walking places as a child that I would never let my own children go alone.

  5. Thank you for your comment, VP. There is certainly a universal aspect of movies and childhood we all seem to share. And, I hope to see a restored Saenger sometime in the future (I was in NOLA last in '04, during Hurricane Ivan). Take care.