Friday, October 3, 2008

Starbursts Are Not Leadership

... and if the Republican VP nominee winks at the camera just one more time, instead of answering a question, I'm going to puke. The more I see of her, the more I see another future Fox News TV analyst reading off the prompter. The folksy tales (you betcha) only go so far as the real effects of our global financial crisis have only started to hit, and our national debt skyrockets. And if I hear the word Maverick come out of her mouth just one more time, I'm gonna... (taking...deep...breath).

BTW, is it just me or do you not ever hear the Republican candidates ever mention the word Republican--or Bush--in their speeches, or debate answers. The only thing you hear is something like, "mistakes were made", or "we're going to look forward" instead of making any inference as to the disaster of the last eight years under the party of Lincoln. I'm old enough to remember when GOP candidates made valid points or self criticisms during the course of their election campaigns. Now it's simply talking points, bromides and truisms in response to questions that demand real answers. I'll get off my soapbox, for now.


  1. You say it all for me, le0. Palin's railin's lack substance and the folksy overtones are beyond irritating. Let's not look backward she said...but I prefer to live by what Santayana said about being condemned to repeat the past if we don't remember it.

  2. I'm with both of you! One of the first things I learned about Sarah Palin was her efforts to learn how to BAN A BOOK in her town's library. Needless to say, she's gone down hill from there in my opinion. Evidently the book she was trying to ban dealt with homosexuality. It's ironic isn't it that she is all for putting GUNS in people's hands, but something that might encourage tolerance is absolutely unacceptable? She makes me sick...I'll be puking right alongside you, Micheal!

  3. One more thing...that flowchart is too funny! :)