Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why Windows Software Could Use a Rush of Fresh Air--by Randall Stross, N.Y. Times Digital Domain
Randall does a very good stating what a few know too well, and what many could care less about. Microsoft Windows is a bloated, terrible operating system. There's a reason many in business are remaining with XP rather than getting on upgrade train-wreck that is Vista. M$'s latest failed to live up to the hype (when it came out) and the fact that most of its compelling features were stripped out to come in as late as it did. As well, the author makes the case that all of the legacy code that drags it down should be scrapped--ala what Apple did earlier this decade when it brought out OS X. Criminy, it needs to start over!!! Will Redmond do it? In a word, no.

The company is so big and successful that it'll coast for the next version (with the intriguing code name of Windows 7--spare me), and the years to come. So what that it no longer increases it's large lead on the desktop--continuing to lose percentage points each year to OS X and Linux (again, for good reason). Unfortunately, Redmond doesn't know how to lose money--at least for Windows OS and Office (it's got plenty of $-losing experience with its other products). It should start over, but it won't risk it. When Apple did it, it had to (to survive, that is). M$ is more of a successful (AKA, cut-throat) marketing company than a (smart) technology firm. And, marketing companies don't take risks.

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