Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day of Survival

My heart can't take much more. Tiger fights a tough U.S. Open setup at Torrey Pines, his swing, his knee, Lee Westwood and Rocco Mediate to survive (not win) a final round. And the thing, each day, that's trying to kill his chances is the damn 1st hole--he suffered another double boogie right off the bat! If he just boogies or pars that hole for the four rounds, he wins going away instead of having to sink a elephantine pressure putt on the eighteenth green to force a play-off. If he can just hit that fairway tomorrow morning, I know he can win.

Oh, and the Lakers won last night. But, they still managed to build and blow a lead... again. Though my heart is with them, my head knows it's another Boston championship. If only Bynum's injury hadn't been bad, he'd be back and it would be a different story. I'm not exited for Tuesday's game six. If they win that, definitely then, but not before.

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