Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Knew It! Tiger's Gone for the Rest of the Year

As reported by many news outlets, including the N.Y. Times, Tiger is out for the rest of year. But, if you're going to out, and no one does it better than Eldrick, it might as well be as U.S. Open champion hobbled with a torn ACL and stress fracture of the left tibia! And that's not the real jaw-dropper, here. He tore the ACL last year!!! "Woods said he tore the ACL while jogging at home after the British Open last July." He then proceeded to win the final major (the PGA), and a host of tournament victories--including that god awful, made-for-TV, make-believe-and-mean-nothing FedEx Cup. Expect to see a lot regarding this on the Golf Channel and PGA Tour events. Then, see them and the media promote this guy to the hilt for the rest of the season. Too bad all the extensive preparations that Phil did for Torrey Pines got him zilch (on his home course).

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