Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pixar's Done It, Again!

You know, when an animation studio, like Pixar, has a track record for producing great films, one either worries that the next one can't be as good as those that came, or expects it to be extraordinary. I'm of the latter. This morning, I took the kids and one of their friends to the first (9:30 AM) showing at the AMC Century 15. Man, what a wonderful film. Wall-E, the last idea during a legendary lunch among the creative minds that would stable at Pixar, it is that good. It's part dystopia, part comedy (with a touch of sci-fi/corporate-intrigue), and part love story. Criminy, it doesn't even have any dialog for the first 30 minutes in! Though, it doesn't sound like it would work as a G-rated family movie, it most certainly does. It has simply overtaken all of my favorite films in 2008 (The Bank Job, In Bruge, Iron Man, Get Smart). Now, I'm trying to talk my wife into seeing it (so I can watch it, again).

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