Sunday, August 23, 2009

"I'm Serial, You're Parallel"

The following is a public service message for married couples seeking mutual understanding.

The title for this post is what I actually said to my wife (pinky swear) awhile back. Once I got this statement out in the open with my spouse (and explained it), many of our chore and/or conversational conflicts dissipated (for the most part - I'm a good husband, I'm not a saint). After decades of living with women, from childhood to marriage, it finally dawned on me (I know... taking that amount time doesn't really showcase any real analytical prowess), the way we process information is fundamentally different. Okay... I can hear a chorus of female voices say, "Duh", all the way out here. But, please hear me out. There really is some real science behind all of this.

In computing terms:

se•ri•al: involving the transfer of data as a single
sequence of bits

par•al•lel: involving the simultaneous performance of
operations. The opposite of serial (see above).

The following article has been updated and moved to my current blog.
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  1. OMG I cannot stop laughing! If I knew before...

    Actually, I had a huge argument with my last girlfriend about something like that! Though myself, as a chemist, tried to explain it with polarities and pH. I think your post might've had a better result.

    Anyway, she's history now...

  2. Thanks, Poncho. If you have the time, I'd love to hear your chemistry abstract on this subject.

  3. I drink therefore I am.
    You sir are a genius. I now hang with the family, Mother 88, older Sister, Wifey,Niece and two Grand Nieces. The canoe is my emergency escape vessel. They are all so nice to me, so I fix things, thats my purpose in life, to fix.

  4. I like your explanation a helluva lot more than that 'women are from Venus, men are from Mars' pap.

  5. Herb: you're too kind. I think you have the secret to getting along.

    Corey: I remember trying to read that book - n-e-v-e-r could get through it!

    Thanks to both for your comments.

  6. OMG, my sides hurt from laughing. This is hysterical. Of course, it's probably even more hysterical for me because I'm NOT married and don't deal with those things.

    I will add that as a female, I do like my lists. Inevitably when I'm trying to juggle 70 things at once, something falls and if I don't have it on my list, I don't realize I missed it until it's an emergency!

    Thanks for the smile this morning, Michael. I so needed it! :)

  7. Jen: my wife can generate untold amount of lists. From those of schools, work items, to my list of honey do's. Amazing. What's more awe-inspiring is that she's even better at checking things off of them (she can get so much stuff done). Her little black book is the journal she keeps all of these in!

    Thanks, Jen, for your comment and perspective.