Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Splashy

I find a certain rightness in the world when good people get rewarded, or in this case, awarded. It's so easy to get down on things, or lose perspective, if you listen, watch, or read the news services on any kind of regular schedule. A recent post by blogger Confused of Calcutta brought some insight on this subject:

The web has places of light and places of extreme darkness as well. I like spending time in places where people build each other up, say encouraging things to each other. I like spending time in places where people pass along tips and recommendations about people they like, books they like, music they like, food they like, restaurants they like. Positive things.

There’s an abundance of bad news out there already, in all shapes and colours and sizes. So why add to it?

It is a thought-provoking piece, and well worth a read. So when I awoke this morning with an email from a friend who I consider one of the most positive people I know, I was immediately beckoned to the light. As usual, today's post by Jen's Book Thoughts re-orients your frame of reference with her excitement of reading in general, and specifically the enjoyment of crime/mystery fiction (and the underlying community around that genre). Plus the fact that she was given a Splash Award by Meandering and Muses, made it a good morning (no matter what was on my work/personal schedule today to get done). Jen wrote:
Most recently I received a note that said, "thank you for being a friend to crime fiction writers," and I felt horribly guilty. I've always viewed my blog as a selfish indulgence. I blog because I love mystery and crime fiction; I love to talk about it, share it, promote it and just be surrounded by it. I love having an avenue to be creative with it. The friends I've made have been the greatest bonus
You see, positive. It's like that hug you get from your kids (that seems to come out of nowhere) when you just pass by them, you can't help but feel buoyed by the experience, and warmed by it.

So when she turned around and bestowed it upon me, I was more than a little taken aback. Modesty (and knowing that my lovely bride of 20 years reads my posts and is not about to let my ego grow any larger than it already is) prevents me from repeating Jen's very kind, generous words in conferring this award. For those who manage to stop by, read what I write down and leave a thoughtful comment or two, it is humbling. In the spirit of the community that Jen writes about, I only hope my musings on life and the popular arts bring a portion of what bloggers like Jen do regularly.

And with that spirit in mind, I'd like to grant a Splash Award to another blogger who more than fits the bill of making an impact: blogger Corey Wilde of The Drowning Machine. Not only swimming upstream in a river of books, Corey successfully blends discerning book reviews of crime fiction (foreign and domestic) with periodic contemplations on a number of varied subjects. From the importance of keeping libraries open, to music, and the noirish quality of certain lyrics, Corey provokes curiosity and enjoyment in whatever he writes. Like I do with Jen's blog, his is another of the blog posts I most look forward to reading. So for Jen's fellow Ohioan, this Splashy is for you.

My thanks to both of you for the community you engender.


  1. Thank you for such a generous heaping of praise, and I hesitate to contradict you but when it comes to Splash, I feel less as though I've made one than that I've been the recipient of those, such as you and Jen, whose splashes and the resulting ripples have touched many, me among that number. For your generosity toward me, for the support you've shown, I am humbly grateful.

  2. Hooray for you, Michael! And yay for Corey! It's much deserved, you two. Stop being so dang humble. You are insightful writers and generous people and make the blogging world a better place.

  3. Ditto what Popculturenerd said! You guys both inspire me and I'm a better person for having known you both! Thank you for your very generous words of praise, Michael!! You've made me blush and made my day!! :)