Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fires of August


This is what is dominating the news, the sky, and Angelenos thoughts the last couple of days.


The top two images were taken by my son as we drove down off of the hills we live upon.


Near home at the top of the hill looking north toward the two big fires in Big Tujunga and Glendale/Altadena. To our south, the fire in Rancho Palos Verdes is more than 90% contained. This August has been one of the coolest on record, till it decided to go out in a blaze of sorts. Blogger/writer Gay Degani has posted some very dramatic photos from a friend who lives too close by to all of this. The L.A. Times is reporting evacuations for the communities near the fires. Welcome back, summer.

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  1. Very impressive images. To be viewed from afar.

  2. Wind, rain, snow, hail, even earthquakes...I can deal. But I have a primitive dread of fire. I'd be needing some of what Michael Jackson had in his medicine cabinest.

  3. I hope they are not to close to any of you. They are very impressive pictures. I have seen the news photos but yours are something else. Be safe.

  4. HnL: yes, from afar is preferable. Having the winds/weather change would be even better (which drives the fires around here).

    Corey: this is definitely our nervous season when it comes to these.

    Moondancer: luckily, we're not close to any of these. But being we're a hilly brush area, those that remember 1985, this time year makes folk around here nervous.

    Thank you all for your comments and sentiments.

  5. Stay safe...and try to keep those fires away from Oceanside as well, o.k? ;)

  6. Jen, we've got fingers and toes crossed for all of us living in Santa Ana Winds country. That includes your sis in Oceanside. Thanks.

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  8. The hot weather must be making me crazy. When I linked to the Santa Ana winds in my comment to Jen, I noted that the entry didn't include a certain literature reference. I then created an Wikipedia account and performed a minor edit, here. Well that's what I'm blaming it on, anyway - and I'm sticking to it ;-).

  9. That last picture, it looks like a couple of bombs went off in the distance. Please stay safe.