Monday, January 19, 2009

Edgars - Movie-Wise

The Edgars are out. And like any award nominations done early in the new year, they generate (book-wise) many opinions, comments and discussions. I'll defer to Jen's post of a couple of days ago regarding this. Her's and Corey's posts are always very insightful and interesting--as are those who follow their writings and comment on their posts (myself excluded). I've read none of those nominated, and I don't feel qualified to comment on the literary mystery/crime fiction listed specifically since I go all over the place in the items I read/listen to. Perhaps, this is the reason my mother once called me a social butterfly (and, of course, I never knew how to perceive that).

But, the Edgars do offer a Best Motion Picture Screenplay category. I'll flit over to that, though:
  1. The Bank Job - one of my two favorite films from last year's crop. I'm glad to see it up for something. Based upon a true heist gone wrong, it had a wonderful cast, script and British tone that Hollywood ignores.
  2. Burn After Reading - on my Netflix list of upcoming rentals. The Coen Brothers have a wonderful sense of the absurd in their noir.
  3. In Bruges - the other favorite mine is this charmer with its startling black comedic tale of Irish gangsters meeting their Heaven/Hell in Belgium--glad to see it picking up another award nomination.
  4. Tell No One - another one in my queue that I'm very interested in viewing. The French film adaptation of the (very American) Harlan Corben's novel--you know some unoriginal studio exec will want to do an American version of this successful European movie (sheesh!).
  5. Transsiberian - when I first saw the trailer for this one, it didn't draw me (probably because I'm not a Woody Harrelson fan). Now, it's probably worth a rental just out of curiosity to see why they nominated it.

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  1. I definitely defer to you on the Edgar film category. 'In Bruges' is the only one I've seen, although I have plans for 'The Bank Job.' I'd like to hear your choice when you've seen them all.