Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love Your Indie Bookstore Month

I want to spread the word of Joe Hill's Love Your Indie Contest. I caught this in today's Steven Hart post extolling this. I'm going up to the Mystery Bookstore this weekend and buy myself something--it's been too long. And, this is too worthy and the contest too cool to ignore.


  1. I can't wait to check out this bookstore! :)

  2. Well, Jen, I got news for you. Just got back from that store right now. Picked up that first Kortya, Tonight I Said Goodbye, so I could read it before the Festival. And, the hardcover of L.A. Requiem (to add to my paperback and audiobook collection of that work) so RC could sign it next month.

    And the wonderful ladies there gave me some tentative (subject to change) Festival of Books news:
    1. RC will be at their booth for book signings
    2. Michael Kortya, the same (also he'll be
    chairing his own festival panel on Sat)
    3. Chris Grabenstein will be signing his adult
    and young readers books

    Of course, you know what that means? We'll have to figure out a way of getting Corey out this way for next year's festival so he can join us ;-).

    Now, I'm off to scan my receipt to send it in to the contest...

  3. Aw, man, you guys are going to have such a good time. Don't worry about me, I've got my love to keep me warm... Or Glenlivet or something anyway...

    I saw that thing about Joe Hill's contest on somebody else's site (Cormac Brown's blog I think, but don't wuote me). Anyway, I have my indie store receipt from earlier this month but I'm having no luck getting my scanner to work today. I may have to do a rant blog one of these days on Kodak All-In-One printers one of these days. The damned thing is the bane of my cyber-existence.