Saturday, March 28, 2009

An 80's Kind of Week

The 80's. I've been seeing references to that unique American period all week! Whether it's seeing parts of the '84 Games in L.A., reminders that I met and married my wife during that decade, Tequila Sunrise, or having a IT colleague at work share a 1986 picture unearthed on the Internet by (so-called) friends of his:

And yes, he's a musician when not doing tech support. Add to this as the family shopped at the grocery market this evening, all they played over the air was a homage to 80's music. None more stuck in my head at the moment than this song by The Romantics:

It's enough for me to fall back on a memorable quote from 1984's Splash:

Walter Kornbluth: What a week I'm having!


  1. The '80s really was the decade of big hair, wasn't it? And shoulder pads. Man, those shoulder pads on 'Dynasty' would not have been out of place in the Green Bay Packers' locker room.

  2. Yes! Big hair, shoulder pads, leg warmers...remember the Coke shirts? On second thought, don't think I really WANT to remember that decade so