Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Darth Sideous on the Daily Show!

Ariana Huffington gets it right, again. Who cares about that idiotic idea being floated by someone who still looks fat even in black debating President Obama. I want someone like Jon Stewart, who is shaming a whole cadre of so-called journalists about how it's done and how not to be a media shill, interviewing one of the most morally corrupt politicians--ever--and call him out when he attempts to lie and spin his failed administration. Hell, I'd pay admission for that!


  1. I'd pay more to see that than I did when I got tix from a scalper for a Paul McCartney show.

    You nailed it: journalists have abdicated their responsibility. Hard for them not to when they owe their jobs to a handful of rich men who have no regard for any interests but their own.

  2. MSM journalists have become too motivated by commercial success, goals drilled into them by their publishers and communications corporations. I've also noticed that some of them have little grasp of historical context and also are not critical enough of source material, as in determining who's behind the information given to them and what's their motivation.

    I think there's a post at BlogHer.com on Stewart deserving a medal.

    I appreciate your comments on my blog. :-)

  3. I appreciate your comments on my blog. :-)

    Right back at you, VP :-)

    And thanks for the BlogHer.com post recommendation.