Friday, May 22, 2009

Tales from the (Movie) Theater: Part 3

Continuation of the series--see Intro, part 1, part 2:


Learning about all of the duties that came with the job of movie theater projectionist was a revelation. And it was administered to me by my younger brother, the Sr. Projectionist for the Huntington Park Warner at the time. I spent a week coming to work during his shifts and acquiring the basic skills at projecting a movie onto a screen (and not killing me, him or anybody in the building at that time). And though it involved no liquids or air (but plenty of electricity), it was pressure-based. This was especially true for older theaters with owners highly resistant to modernizing because it "cost godd*mn too much money."

The rest of the chapter has been updated and relocated to my current blog, found here.

Next up: Amateur Night (Part 4)


  1. Amateur Night??? I dunno what it is, but it gives me chills.

  2. Think America's Got Talent done on a shoestring, with a Mexican twist. That's all that I can say at this point ;-)

  3. Mm-hmm. That didn't ease the chills one bit.