Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Variant

With credit to blogger John Gruber, I've downloaded this short story by author/screenwriter John August. At 7,176 words, a cost of 99¢, and an intriguing synopsis, I couldn't resist it.

It’s described on Amazon thusly:
After 35 years working at the Central Library, Vincent Lewis has perfected the art of unremarkability. But when a terrified woman falls through his bathroom ceiling, he’s forced back into a life of gunfights, double agents and paranormal research. The secret he’s been keeping for nearly four decades might reunite him with his lost love, or kill millions.
I'm following Gruber's lead, too, by downloading the Kindle for iPhone so I can give this content a whirl on my phone. Why? Pick one:
  1. I'm just curious (shoot me)
  2. It's cheap
  3. It's a holiday weekend
  4. It is definitely cheaper than buying a Kindle and reading it there
  5. Another excuse to play with the iPhone (my wife's pick)
But, the author also offers this short story in a PDF file, too.

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