Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Complete & Utter Failure (as President)

Dan Froomkin, Columnist for the Washington Post, pretty much covers it all, Bush's legacy and that stinking last news conference of his, in today's White House Watch:
George Bush, and all of his co-conspirators, can't leave office fast enough by me.


  1. I'm in complete agreement. I feel like humming an old Sam Cooke tune:
    '...it's been a long time, a long time comin', but I know a change is gonna come...'

  2. Here! Here! Bravo - GET...HIM...OUT!!

    I thought I was going to be sick recently when I read where the elder George Bush commented that he thought his other son would make a good president. This country couldn't survive another Bush in the Oval Office!

  3. W. has so thoroughly besmirched the family name (along with his administration and the Republican Party) that Jeb would have little to no chance getting elected to Dog Catcher, no matter what Bush Elder says. I'll refer to Cal Jillson's quote regarding those two (41 and 43):

    "They are in fact going to be doing chin-ups on the bottom tier of presidents in modern history."

    Thanks for your comments, all.