Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Big News Orgs Help Bush Whitewash History of Iraq War

I hate to make this my first post of December, but what's happening in the major news outlets is beyond wrong. I'd say this is one of the most important posts from TPM and Greg Sargent. The, I was fooled by bad intel excuse is pathetic, stupid, and plain wrong (but, what else should I expect from the Worst...President...Ever). But, unfortunately, the likes of Washington Post, NY Times, CNN, Reuters, and others are blatantly attempting to sell this crap to their readers. I hope the bloggers, commenters, and alternate news sites pick this up and run with it because this is just propaganda (and evidence of one of the most corrupt U.S. administrations in history). And, it is helped by the years of conglomeration of the news media by corporations buying up most of those outlets.


  1. Maybe PBS needs to rerun Bill Moyers' investigation into this topic. In that documentary the intel analysts got to tell their side of the story which is, "we knew the intel was not reliable and we were told to shut up. By Dick Cheney & Co."

  2. Exactly. Many of bad-Intel arguments have been refuted now, many times over. Did fact-checking by the big news media suddenly go out the window once the election was over? Sheesh...