Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kan I Be Kreativ?

With many thanks to fellow blogger from across the pond, Steve over at The Last Picture Show, I've been awarded a Kreativ Blogger Award. I'm very honored to be included in my friend's nominated group of web journalers (all of whom I consider very imaginative and worthy bloggers). But before I thank The Academy, my parents, etc., I have some housekeeping duties and need to lay out the rules for the award:

  1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
  2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
  3. Link the person who nominated you.
  4. Name seven things about yourself that no one would really know.
  5. Nominate seven "Kreativ Bloggers."
  6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
  7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

Okay, the first three have been accomplished. That means I have to name some aspects about myself that I've yet to mention. Hmm...

  1. When I was born, I didn't cry (and the doctor didn't bother to spank me). Since she thought she'd had another stillborn delivery, I scared the hell out of my mother right off the bat!
  2. The Monday morning my wife went into labor with our first, I had an almost empty gas tank when it came time to drive her to the hospital (and she still never let's me forget that).
  3. Being a Leo (astrological sign), I find it a strange coincidence that actor Bert Lahr (the actor who played the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz) and I share the same birth date.
  4. I absolutely love the smell of ground coffee, but I've never enjoyed drinking it (I'm a long-time tea drinker).
  5. I'm right-handed, but when I give applauds, I clap like a southpaw (left hitting into the right hand instead of the other way around).
  6. In the 11th grade, I suffered a fractured jaw (the result of my '63 Ford Falcon suddenly meeting a 1935 Pontiac after a gymnastic meet).
  7. In the past 20 years of playing, I've met my share of people who've achieved a hole-in-one (some with more than one, and many of them just starting the game of golf)--and I still don't have one!

These are the Kreativ Bloggers I wish to nominate because I really enjoy reading their content and am happy to make them a daily habit:

pattinase - Patti's blog description say's it all, "Looks at writing, books, movies, politics, life, music".

Lesa's Book Critiques - She-Who-Reads-Unbelievable-Amounts is always worth a read (Lesa is in fact, a librarian).

Technicolor Dreams - Christian Devine's wonderful and colorful look at culture, film, music, politics, and skidoo.

Novel Whore's Blog - I recently discovered this delightful blogger, and way happy I did.

Elogios - he may be a distant relative, but I would have selected Poncho anyway because he's someone I like to read.

Jen's Book Thoughts - this blogger continues to inspire for the joy she takes in the author and book thoughts she writes down.

The Drowning Machine
- how could I not include Corey since he's a fan of crime fiction, old movies, football and good whiskey.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the nom, cousin.

  2. Thanks Michael! This is very special to me. And I'm a non-coffee drinker, too. However, I have to admit that the smell of it makes me nautious.

  3. Thank you for this honor, Michael. I don't think I'm particularly creative but flattery will get you a glass of Glenlivet anyway.

    What's with clapping like a lefty anyway? How does that happen?

    And I cannot believe the Jets are still in the mix. How does that happen?

  4. Poncho: you are more than welcome.

    Jen: does this mean you don't spend time reading at the local Starbucks?

    Corey: I really don't know how clapping left-handed came about. I do know how the Jets are still there: the S.D. Chargers are relentless in their quest to always find a way to lose in the NFL playoffs!

    Thank you all :-).

  5. Oh my gosh how did I just now find this?!? I am honored that you thought of me (and to be included on any list alongside Jen Forbus is an honor in itself). Thank you so much and now I just need to figure out how to get technical enough to attach this button....


  6. Congratulations. A well deserved award for all the hard work you put in and your entertaining and informative postings.

  7. NW: it's deserved, and you're very welcome.

    Colin: very kind of you to say, my friend.

    Thank you very much to the both of you.

  8. Congratulations, le0pard13! BTW, I've been meaning to tell you that I love that you have an audio clip of Marvin, the Martian on your profile!

    My mother's the same way about the coffee. I started drinking coffee years ago to keep from having to use my rescue inhaler at my in-laws' where everyone but me was a smoker at that time. Now, I'm hooked.

  9. Very kind of you to say, Christine. I'd forgotten about that audio clip. My wife is almost very much hooked. When I go out to get some bagels for the family, I'm also bringing back either a Cafe Americano or a double expresso for her. Thanks very much for your comment, my friend.

  10. You're very welcome. It's much deserved.

    Double espresso? Dang, I'm an amateur. She'd probably like those chocolate-covered espresso beans.

  11. Great blog : )
    By the way, i always wondered how someone can get an award like that or what is it called?

    Maria : )

  12. Welcome, Maria. That's a good question. Within the blogosphere, there always seem to a number of blogger awards making their way through the inter-tubes. A good way to see a cross-section of those awarded with the same prize would be to google that specific award name and see the blogs (and dates) that come up.

    I guess this is like blog memes, and the community participation they generate. Someone starts them, but they're rarely traced back to where they originated. They take a life of their own, and perhaps that sharing aspect is what makes them so much fun. Thank you for your comment, Maria.