Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Prints

drum stand1Image by le0pard13 via Flickr
During a span in my life, I carried an 35mm SLR camera (Canon AE-1, and later, an A-1) just about everywhere I went. Photography filled a hole in whatever artistic bent I had in me. I shot color slide or black & white print film at whatever points in the city I traveled to, or at various sporting and musical events I attended. It seems I had to have at least one hobby/interest going on as an adult. [wife: "Substitute the word obsession."] And during the late-70's / 80's, this was it. Over the years, I had collected a number of slides and negatives--most of which I've likely now lost (if I'm lucky at today's yard sale, I might find some). Only some of the prints that were created years ago have found a way to remain with me into this century. So, I've decided that if I can't find the original film or slide sources, I might as well scan what I have to form an archive of sorts. The images in this post represent a prime example from that era, and they have a connection to the present.

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  1. Oh, STUNNING photo of the drum set!

    OK, confession: I'm a photo nerd, too. (I'm Asian so I think it's the law for me to own multiple cameras.) I loved those days I spent in the dark room developing my own film and sloshing my prints around in the chemicals, watching the images slowly appear like ghosts.

    Once, when I was in college, I lost track of time in the campus dark room. My roommates almost called the police because I had been "missing" for hours. It was late at night and I hadn't come home. I love digital photography but I miss the dark room, where I could lose whole days.

    That's an amazing coincidence you share with SWMBO!

  2. I know what you mean about losing track of time in the campus dark room. The processes and techniques on the resulting images could be entrancing when you were in that environment.

    That was just the first coincidence SWMBO sprung on me. Eerily, there were others (the use of the word bewitching was quite appropriate). Thanks, PCN.

  3. Really do recommend scanning the photos and slides. My slides stayed in a closet for many years and once I had them on the computer the flashbacks were so easy to get. Just remembered how I found your blog. Looking at my own favorites and realized you could click them, clicked Bob James and there you were. Cool, Tom Scott is good, another fav is Stan Getz.

  4. HnL: You're quite right. And, I just found the slide module for my scanner yesterday. I got my work cut out for me on this project. Ah... the great Stan Getz. You're got excellent tastes. Thanks for your comment.