Saturday, November 7, 2009


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Banks, as institutions, serve a purpose in our financial establishment that involves withdrawals, deposits, loans, investment, and exchanges of currency. Yes, like just about everyone else, I hate them, too. Principally, for their collusion in the de-regulation crisis they helped build, and the resulting recession that caused so many anguish in lost jobs and the like. But also, because every so often, they'll remind me just how fragile my secrets really are. Case in point, the ad my checking account firm mailed to my house yesterday.

Typical of today's money lenders proposals, it offered me a chance to earn 20% cash back for shopping online. I don't mind it, really (most of them will go into the shredder). However, they used my first name in the address! ARGH!

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  1. Alright, I won't ask what it is...I have my suspicions, but having taught in a district with a high percentage of Hispanics, I'm wondering if the name was pronounced with a Hispanic pronunciation or an American one? Not wondering for any good reason, just curious.

    For many years in school I would only answer to my last name...unless I was being address directly of course. But there were so many Jennifers - if I'm not mistaken, someone once told me it was likely a result of the movie LOVE STORY, but for my parents it was a compromise: one wanted Cindy and one wanted Amy...the result, Jennifer????

  2. I think, in your place, I would make up a really scandalous story about some pretend relative who had your first name and that everyone thought you would turn out to be just as rotten as old so-and-so. Then everyone will be sooo sympathetic to calling you by your middle name.

  3. Jen: I don't doubt you may have figured it out, but there is the French pronunciation of the name, too ;-). The French and American spelling is the same, in my case.

    Corey: I like the scandalous part of the story. It's not a bad name. An actor (who I like a lot as a kid that died in 1994) choose it as part of his screen name.

    Thank you both for commenting on my name plight ;-).

  4. Jen: between Cindy and Amy, how did your parents arrive at Jennifer?

  5. Haha! Jen, are you curious like H.A. Rey's monkey? No reason why I'm bringing him up, of course. And all of a sudden I'm hearing Wham! music in my head.

    I'm with Corey. Say you were named after a relative who turned out to be a criminal and no one wants to be reminded of him.

  6. PCN: I love what you and Corey have come up with. I intend on using it. But... George is not it ;-)

  7. Oh, then I got nothin'.

  8. I have absolutely NO idea where Jennifer came from between those two names. I guess it was the one they could both live with. However, in reality, I'M the one who had to live with it!

    Oh yeah! Me and the monkey...the little guy happens to be on my checks, too! :)