Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Life According to Book Titles

The one blog I follow on a regular basis for news and opinion of the popular arts is Pop Culture Nerd. Besides her wonderful taste in books and films, I was lucky enough to actually meet the blogger in person earlier this summer. And she's as great an individual as her blog is fun to read. Anyway, it seems she's distracted me from work and transcription (interview) with a meme she ran into at Reactions to Reading. It goes like this:

Using only books you have read this year (2009), cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title.

PCN has "re-worded some of the sentences, skipped a couple (she) had absolutely no relevant answer for, and added one of (her) own." And since she threw down the challenge, I'm game, and I'll take a similar flexible approach. Here goes.

I feel like: Outliers

Describe where you currently live: Chapterhouse Dune

If I could go anywhere, I would go to: The Bridge at Dong Ha

Your favorite form of transport: The Langoliers

Your best friend is: Devil in a Blue Dress

My friends and I are: Phantoms

What's the weather like: Ice Station (ha!)

What is life to you: Whirlwind

I know: We Know

Best advice I can give: Everything Matters!

Thought for the Day: Angels & Demons

How I would like to die: The Last Good Kiss

My soul's present condition: Fifty Grand [or you can make your best offer ;-)]

You all are invited to keep this going.

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  1. Michael, you are fast! It took me a while to do since all my titles are so creepy. I'm glad you went back to the original meme questions because I skipped the ones about transportation and my best friend. Just didn't have anything for transpo and only inappropriate names for the friend.

    Wait, Ice Station? Ha, indeed!

    I wanted to put Everything Matters! for Best Advice but alas, it still sits in my TBR pile, not yet read.

    Your intro of me left me stunned. This always happens when I encounter extreme kindness. My brain went something like this: "Huh? Me? Oh. Wow. Um, thanks. Wow."

    Thank you. Really.

  2. Oops, me again. Meant to say all your answers are great but I particularly love how you describe yourself! If there's a sequel called 57 Things That Don't Make Sense, I'll use that to describe myself next time I play.

  3. PCN: I'm fast because I don't cover the same amount of books like the pros (you, Jen, and Corey), and I have less to choose between. Thanks, loads, for putting this meme up. It was a pleasant distraction from work and the frigid cold from outside ;-).

  4. I had a hard time... real hard, but I took the challenge!

    Your answers seem great indeed! I fear I haven't read most of your choices (they're now in my to-read list, though!)

  5. I've seen this meme on a couple of blogs, including PCN's, and I confess that I've been avoiding it. It looks hard. And I'm lazy.

    Favorite answer of yours, Michael, is Your best friend is Devil In a Blue Dress. Nice!

  6. Poncho: I'm glad you took the challenge, too. Your answers, and the books, are great. You and Corey illicit the same reaction with me on some of your titles - they get on my TBR list and bumped up (because I can't wait - like The Strain).

    Corey: given the amount of books/short stories you've covered in '09, this would be a difficult meme to answer. Besides, I know you've got your hands full right now.

    Thank you both for your comments (and input to my audiobook/book pile).

  7. My favorite answer is THE LAST GOOD KISS! Awesome!! :) I love it. I may have to take a crack at this! I have one good answer, but I'll have to consider the rest...and evidently I'm allowed to fib - ICE STATION??? Ha!!

  8. O.k., I posted mine this morning:

  9. Those were a great set, Jen. Thanks.