Thursday, July 23, 2009

"A website to the detriment of good film"

It's not always that I actually promote bad movies (heaven knows there are enough of them). But, in this case it's for entertainment value. The web site goes out of their way to make sure bad movies and entertainment are synonymous. Their reviews are just this side of priceless (or at least for a chuckle or two). What other site would give the time of day to the unintentionally hilarious bit of celluloid masquerading as a 50's monster movie?

I actually remember The Giant Claw with similar fondness from my youth. I watched it on a black & white television at my grandmother's house one Saturday afternoon (sitting sideways on her living room arm chair, IIRC). And the's review brought it all back (including my bad posture)--thank goodness I wasn't sucking one of those kid-size milk containers through a paper straw at the time or I would have really embarrassed myself!!! As each of them is, the review is sectional:
  • a Character list with all sorts of keen individual insights: "Pierre - A Canadian redneck! He is amusing, what with his jug of moonshine and irrational fear of giant birds. Of course, his phobia is not so irrational in a b-movie. The Giant Claw eats the poor, screaming, partially pickled fool."
  • a Plot description chock full of fine detail and note: "any movie bold enough to feature a GIANT ANTIMATTER SPACE BUZZARD is a movie worth watching."
  • Things I Learned From This Movie section: "The French Canadians are deathly afraid of Mexican food."
  • Stuff To Watch For: "59 mins (mark) - So Ford did try to design a flying car. Too bad that they based it on the Pinto."
  • Quotes: "That bird is extraterrestrial. It comes from outer space. From some godforsaken antimatter galaxy millions and millions of light years from the Earth. No other explanation is possible."

Add to this eager information audio clips, images, and sometimes video clips from the film itself. See, I told you their reviews have it all, and a bad movie! Come to think about it, I need to show this movie to my kids! I've since bookmarked this into my browser.

p.s., I found this site while visiting Mr. Peel's review of the movie PROPHECY.

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  1. Too funny. The best thing about awful movies: inventing new dialogue and talking over the characters. I'm sure that's why MST was such a hit. We all do it.

  2. Oh, you are so right. I so miss Mystery Science Theater. Thanks, Corey.