Tuesday, November 4, 2008


November 4, 2008. For the two years I've been watching this, its...finally...here... Probably the most important election that I've voted in quite a while, and I've been doing this for 36 years. The morning show on our local oldies station, K-EARTH 101, asked the listeners to call in and mention which presidential election they first voted in, and for who. The results were interesting to listen to. Here's mine:

1972--the first time 18 year olds were allowed to vote (previously, the age limit was that you had to be 21)--and this 18-year-old voted for McGovern (who really hurt his chances by picking Eagleton*). There was no way I was going to vote for Nixon since I'd watched some politics to that point, and everyone in California was well aware of his politic career since this was his home state. Many didn't trust him, and for good reason (as the rest of the country would soon find out). Do you recall yours? I'd be interested to find out.

I originally registered as a Democrat. But, changed to Independent in the late eighties. I found it more comforting--especially, if I voted for a Republican. Plus, it made me more free to express my criticism of either party, when warranted (which I have done, too). This year, so I could vote for a Democrat in the state primary, I had to select a party ballot to cast my vote their way. So, I selected Democrat, again. Anyway, I'm excited, and nervous as all get out, for election  results. I (and my wife) have already voted, by absentee ballot over a week ago (to make sure it was in to be counted early by the October 31st deadline here in California). And, if you've been reading this blog, my pick (in State and National election) won't surprise you. It's Obama.

* I'm hoping history repeats itself and penalizes McCain for his pick of Palin


  1. I cast my first presidential ballot for Jimmy Carter. I was overseas so it was an absentee ballot.

  2. O.k., no comments on how "young" I am. My first election was Clinton's first run - I was allowed to vote in the primary at 17 because I would be 18 by the general election; I voted for Clinton then and I've voted Democrat ever since. I don't vote Democrat just to vote for the party - I'd vote Republican if the candidate supported my views, but after Clinton left office, there was NO WAY I was supporting Bush.

  3. Corey: where were you?

    Jen: since 2000, I hear you!

    BTW: MSNBC, FOX, CNN project OH for Obama!