Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Security Hack Taylor Made for the Young Generation

Herbert H. Thompson's Scientific American article is a great primer how one should help themselves in protecting their identity online. But, IMO, it points out a generational difference, too. I see this easily in my work environment when it comes to most things technical (computer systems-related). For those my (ahem) age, learning the newer concepts that come with (work) databases, VPNs, EMR, or  web applications can either be daunting, or something to rail against.

But, bring those up with users a couple of generations later (in the same workplace), and there's instant recognition of the technology, or the need for it. Gen X, and especially Y, were raised with technology, and don't fear it. However, no fear, especially with the free social network tools available to anyone with Internet access, is a double-edged sword when it comes to falling prey to the hack Mr. Thompson chillingly writes about here.

What the younger generations put online today, brings stunned looks from we boomers. But, I guess our suspicion of authority, at least in this niche, can be a good thing. Of course, when gen Z arrives (and are taught from birth about what shouldn't be put online), they'll just laugh about those old Xers and Millenlials...and the boomers will be only the stuff for the History majors ;-).

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